1 Minute Later“Today is the best day” to be honest, rediscover and challenge yourself

It is notable that every time I get the opportunity to discuss a headline topic, my mind keeps reminding me of Tibetan proverbs. And it’s no coincidence that I’ve devoted a whole chapter to this very subject in my book.

A Tibetan saying states, “Know that today is your best day.” I frequently wonder why we don’t always consider this basic and promising concept. Why do we postpone our plans until tomorrow? Why don’t we get the most out of today?

What if it’s the proper moment to put yourself in your position, observing how the image looks from the side?


Photo by Patrick Tomasso


Overcoming the barriers

As humans, our problems exist solely in our minds. Periodically, we do not even realize how issues arise just because we do not know ourselves well enough. And as I have mentioned in “OneMinuteLater”, the biggest challenge a person can face is how to truly know themselves.

The point is that many people around us are in constant competition when it comes to self-awareness. I am not saying it is something devastating, it is just that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. As a result, the person starts:

1. Comparing themselves to others;
2. Overestimating/underestimating abilities;
3. Feeding egos with irresponsible projections.

Consequently, distorted self-esteem may lead one to assume that today is not our greatest day and that we do not deserve anything better.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are the direct sources of our negative thoughts. The nice thing is that we are also our greatest competitors. That means all we need to do is to avoid situations that keep us from progressing, evolving, and being the best versions of ourselves.


Being honest: that is the key point right here

However, honesty is an inseparable condition if you’re going to put yourself in your place. Otherwise, it is pointless to expect success.
In that sense, let us go over this subject and answer the next questions as directly as possible: Are you the one who makes all of your life’s decisions? Are you the one who defines what you need to learn, discover, and acquire?

There is a hidden reality behind the answers, and if you have already figured them out for yourself, keep scrolling.


The next station is rediscovering yourself

Taking a closer look at ourselves is necessary on the path to rediscovering ourselves.
The truth is that we all embrace this little child spirit within ourselves. And the bitter truth is that, as children, we were frequently criticized by adults. We were scolded rather than reprimanded for doing anything wrong.

Now, though, is the moment to be receptive to criticism and work through prior experiences. The greatest approach to connecting with criticism is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and be prepared for productive discourse.


Photo by Greg Rakozy


How does that work, you ask?

First of all, be able to deal with feedback. Feedback is a highly powerful tool on the way self-improvement We all need people who give us feedback. Due to opinions about us, we can continuously improve ourselves.
Sure, there is a necessity to distinguish reasonable viewpoints. Overall, examining others’ perceptions of you is one of the most crucial aspects of self-exploring.

Let’s try this: simply jot down the most common features that are typical of you. As a further stage, begin drawing similarities between your own and your surroundings’ standpoints.
No matter how much they match, the process will be fruitful. Even though there is a mismatch, you will strive to figure out how to behave better in various situations to avoid misunderstandings.
Furthermore, this procedure will assist you in concealing your flaws while underlining your strengths.


Keep in mind your potential to add value

It’s worth emphasizing that the preceding is largely pointless if no value is generated as a result. Thus, the ultimate objective must be to create value and stand for it. Of course, it sounds a bit formidable.
So, let’s get back to our initial points to see how it is possible to do whatever you can with anything you have wherever you are.


Photo by Clark Tibbs


Here it comes to say challenge yourself

We have a number of options. Literally always it is up to us to choose whether to remain in our comfort zone or leave it. Adjust our attitude or become more prone to it. Make an objective decision or escape from obligations.
Indeed, if we do not intend to be more focused, we are all in that loop.

As simple as it may sound, the key to becoming much more constructive is self-challenging. It stretches from little tweaks to drastic alterations.
Undoubtedly many people want to see some changes. Let’s be honest, how many are willing to take actions?
The answer is unlikely to be consoling. However, make it clear that you are a decision-maker now and forever. If you perceive that change starts from you and that you are a part of it, you will comprehend that no change could be completed without you.

Hence, every time, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito,” Dalai Yama would remark.



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